22 June 2024

Are You Ready For Jah Jah Binks Again? Trailer For Star Wars Episode 1 The Phantom Menace3D Trailer

You’ll probably already know George Lucas is wanting more of your hard earned cash after he asked you to fork out £90 for the recent Star Wars ultimate blu ray boxed set he now wants you to return to your local cinema and see all the films in 3D. The hardcore star Wars fans I’m sure will have no quarrels in going to see there beloved franchise once again but for everyone else Episodes 1-3 where the downfall of the legacy created which was destroyed made the laughing stock in Phantom menance so will you be willing to put up with the cringe worthy Jah Jah Binks again?

On February 10, 2012 in UK, Ireland and USA The Phantom Menace is returning to the big screens and late last night the trailer for the first film (which is really the fourth film, confused?!) was released. To convince us Star Wars is for the big screen not the small the opening shots then breaking into the full screen but as you’ll know the original 3 films where made for the cinema whilst the latter 3 making you ask yourself why am I here? Don’t get me wrong the trailer shows the crisp clear imagery perfectly but this is for a 3D version so why are they promoting a 3D film as 2D which is like watching the original 1999 trailer?

Lucas has said he wont release all the films in 3D until he knows how well Phantom Menace does at the box office first and starting with the newer 3 films is logical in the chronological sense but for a decent box office return it might just be a fatal blow. So if the other films get released does this mean another box set will be released with the films in 3D?!

sourceBleeding Cool

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