25 May 2024

Are Kick-Ass and Nicholas Hoult To Be Cyclops & Beast in X-Men:First Class? Banshee part confirmed also

sources Movieweb / HeyUguys

It’s been another busy day on the X-Men First Class rumour train with a few names poping up to play the younger X-men heros and super villians. First up Kick-ass himself aka Aaron Johnson is rumoured to be in line for the part of Cyclop in Matthew Vaughn’s prequel according to AICN. Their tipper had this to say:

“I work in the [REDACTED] and we heard today that Matthew Vaughn found his young Cyclops and it shouldn’t be any surprise because he worked with him before. It’s Aaron Johnson. This is one hundred percent locked at this point. Thought you guys should know.”

Like any rumour for any film this is not confirmed news  though some other web news reports state it is , until the offical notice is out out label it t.b.c. I’m not surpised that Aaron Johnson has been connected with some role in this movie when he was Kick-ass for Matthew Vaughn and directors like to choose actors they get on well with in previous movies (a possible part for Chloe Moretz? only a thought!)The report also stated filming is due to start in London on August 6th.

Onto Hank McCoy who is better Known as The Beast which was a part been connect to actor Benjamin Walker for a while who has now turned the part down to re-sign to play ‘Andrew Bloody Jackson’ the broadway theatre role has has made a name with recently, so the part is up for grabs. Our Friends at HeyUguys have seen a report from Deadline that say Nicholas Hoult is in line to take over as the Beast. Hoult first broke onto our screens as a young nipper in About A boy, then making his name on channel 4’s Skins (at same time as Slumdog Millinaire’s Dev Patel). He then shown how well he can act on the big screen in A Single Man , before been messed up on Clash of the titans and he’s going to be in George Millar’s remake of Mad Max:Fury Road and if reports are correct it will be 2 movies back to back with filming delayed until February 2011 due to the movie now going to be in 3-d leaving him a gap which this X-men movie will fill.

[Update] Just as I was writing the above post reports are coming in stating the role of Banshee has now been confirmed according to a report found by the Playlist. American tv programme Friday Night Lights star Caleb Landry Jones is to play the Irish sonic screamer Banshee  which was reported in a Variety report, once again this report may not be 100% offical but it does look more solid than the above 2 casting rumours, Landy Jones is also appearing in David Fincher’s The Social Network and Eli Roth’s The Last Exorcism.

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