19 May 2024

Another Delay or even cancelation in Joss Whedon's Cabin In The Woods

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Well the world is a tough place to live at the moment especially when it comes to the pennies in your pocket just ask MGM they’ve have virtually none and many of there movies are either put into hiatus, delayed or just simply scrapped. Bond movie 23 is on definite hiatus, then itsmuck about with Del Toro with The Hobbit and then you scupper the release date of Red Dawn upsetting the fanboys and girls all over the globe.

MGM need a new boss, a CEO who can come in and sort the whole mess out and according to a new THR article none of the big wigs seem to be interested to much annoyance of their lenders so its the fans who suffer. So roll on Joss Whedon’s Cabin In The Woods alread moved back from September to January 14th 2011 release date well its looking as if that might not even make that release date and its the same with Red Dawn, no trailers been created yet so its assuming they’ll push for a date later sometime in 2011.

There’s not much going on on the information front, but we can see MGM are in one sorry state  so every movie that’ll be created or has been created ready to be release cinematically will be in limbo on when they’ll be able to be seen. An THR insider talked about how disconnected the who company is, especially when it came to meetings…

“We’d be sitting in a meeting with all these problems and $4 billion of debt, and we’d be talking about that night’s Lakers tickets. There was always two MGMs — the old MGM and the Mary Parent MGM. If Mary Parent had her way, the Bond film would come out in November.”

Cabin In The Woods may boast Buffy The Vampire Slayer creators name but theres better talent behind him with Drew Goddard who is the director in his debut and Goddard is responible for writing the such as Lost episodes as well JJ Abrams Cloverfield.

So like many new movies its going to be 3D, maybe this big studios should cut out producing so many movies poorly in a over-hyped filmstyle maybe they would have more cash to spend and all these movies plus future movies can look forward to know they will get a release in cinemas worldwide.

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