25 May 2024

Anime Review – Sasaki and Peeps (2024) Episodes 1-3

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While not everyone has or wants one, people sometimes desire companionship in the form of a pet animal. Some people get cats, some birds, and some people even get pet rats. It’s a way to form a friend for life and pets can hold a special place in our hearts. Sasaki and Peeps asks the important question. What if our pet bird was an incredible mage from another world and could give Sasaki magical powers?

Based on a light novel of the same name. The first 3 episodes of Sasaki and Peeps slowly but effectively build and establish the lore for what is to come during the rest of the show. Sasaki upon getting these magical powers can travel to a fantasy world. He decides to sell goods from the real world like binoculars and Swiss army knives to the fantasy world. He could be described as the fantasy world equivalent of a drop shipper. In the fantasy world he builds connections and brings in a ton of money. He builds the ultimate life there where he can eat expensive food, sleep in comfy beds, and never worry about the real world.

At the same time in the real world, he gets caught up in an organisation that stops the illegal activity of psychics. It has a lot of information to cover, and it helps that the first episode is 40 minutes in length. It gives us time to build the story being told in the fantasy world and the story being told in the real world. It even plants the seeds for mysteries to be answered later.

The main duo of Sasaki and Peeps are truly enjoyable to watch. The nice and innocent mindset of Sasaki meshes perfectly with the powerfully and confident peeps that while trapped in the form of a Java Sparrow, are a source of all-powerful knowledge that allows Sasaki to survive in a treacherous land.

If I had to be critical of the show, I would say it was the animation. While it looks nice and is decently animated it also feels generic and safe. I wish it had more punch to it. Also, I feel there is a clash of styles between the male characters and the females. The female characters look very anime, with big bright colourful eyes while the males look too realistic and not very anime-like. I feel the first 3 episodes do a great job and keeping you entertained and wanting more. I’m excited to see where the show goes.


Airing now on Crunchyroll | Tomokazu Sugita, Aoi Yuuki, Akari Kitou, Rie Takahashi | Dir: Mirai Minato | Studio: Silver Link

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