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The slogan for this site is “Your Movies, My Movies, The People’s Movies”, and that’s the reason I started this site. I’m like you; a movie fan, and recently rediscovered my true love for movies. I wanted a platform where I could talk about movies, write about them, show the trailers and give honest opinions without prejudice. Have you ever loved a movie that mainstream media has hated or hated a film they loved? Well, The People’s Movies can be the place for you to share your opinion.

I wanted a way to talk, argue and debate about films no matter what my opinion, no questions asked, no mainstream snobbery interfering. What originally started as a pastime at college has now blown up into a fully-fledged website and blog, and it’s still growing! All the way back in 2008 I couldn’t see this site lasting long, but thanks to you guys, it’s still here and getting bigger and better!

If you love a Hollywood Blockbuster, checking out trailers, reading reviews, or anything to do with movies, The People’s Movies is the place to be. Love movies and want to get involved? Just email me and say hello!

The People’s Movies was Nominated for Best Overall Blog at the Total Film Movie Blog Awards 2011. We have now featured in Vuelio’s Top UK Film Blogs for 20182019 list , 2020 list.



Meet The Team

Paul Devine Founder/Writer/Reviewer/Editor/ PR Inquiries
paul@thepeoplesmovies.com / @ Thepeoplesmovie 

The Other Editors

      • Lynsey Ford Co-Editor/Writer
      • Scott J. DavisReviews Editor (@scottwritesfilm)
      • Aaron Patel Wrestling Editor/Writer
      • Bradley Hadcroft Horror Editor
      • Courtney Spiers Animation Editor/ Writer
      • Jonny Keen Writer /Co-Editor

Writing Team

        • Freda Cooper Writer/Reviewer (@FredaTalkingPix)
        • Rachael Jess Writer/Reviewer
        • Georgia May Writer/Reviewer
        • Chris Banks  Reviewer/Writer
        • Aly Lalji Reviewer
        • James McNaughton Classic/Cult Film Writer
        • Carl Massey Classic/Cult Film Writer
        • Joel Fisher Writer/Reviewer
        • Shane A.Bassett Movie Writer (@The Movie Analyst)
        • Andrew McArthur  Movie Reviewer/Writer
        • Matthew Fulton Wrestling Writer
        • Bradley Fielding Writer
        • Lukas Vojacek Writer
        • Lucas Pearce Writer
        • Jack Cameron Writer

Join The Team…

Are you passionate about film? Are you sick of reading reviews you don’t agree with? Are you looking for a platform to showcase your own views? Then The People’s Movies is the site for you! We’re currently looking for writers and reviewers to join our team. You’ll be able to attend preview screenings, premieres in London, film festivals and other film-related events, and most of all write reviews and articles in the knowledge your views are your own and will be respected.

So where do I sign up?

Fill in the short contact form and tell us a little about yourself and the reason you want to join us. If you’ve done any reviews or articles, send us links to some examples of your previous work. If you’re just interested in helping writing some film-related articles and features and attending interviews, please do get in touch as well, we’d love to hear from you too! Fill out the form on the Write For Us page to tell us a little bit about you and what area you’re interested in contributing to.

Freelance Writers

Whilst we have a great bunch of fantastic writers, sometimes we need a little help with the reviews, interviews and possibly other film/TV-related events. This is our call out to any freelance writers who are looking for films to review, cinema releases including previews in Glasgow* and London, and home releases such as DVD, Blu-Ray and online.

All we ask if that you’re up for reviewing anything even if you know that film might not be great, but still delivering a constructive, entertaining review. Unfortunately we can’t offer you any remuneration, but instead a kind of payment in previewing films before they’re out and maybe even festival passes. If you’re interested in this please email paul@thepeoplesmovies.com with the title ‘Freelance’.

*Please mention if you’re a ‘Scottish Press Days’ Member for Glasgow.

PR/Film Companies/Film Festivals

Are you a PR Company working on behalf of a film distributor or film related company? Are you that film distributor looking for your film/films promoted or the news spread about your upcoming film festivals? At The People’s Movies  we have a team of passionate film fans based in London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, and even Australia to review and write about your film, news story or festival to give it some promotion in the UK.

We have also started in Podcasting. Once a month editor Paul Devine is one critics on long running Outside Centre Podcast that focus on World cinema. We are also in process to restarting The Peoples Movies  Podcast which covers everything from Mainstream/indie new releases to cult classics re-releases

Please enquire at paul@thepeoplesmovies.com.

News tips: Got an exclusive or news story tip? Send them into the above email as well!

Wrestling PRs – We love to review your shows and PPVs, and write news stories; anything to help us create magazine style posts. Possibly in the near future, this could involve podcasts and video blogging too.

Toys and Collectables – We cover film, television, horror and anime. We love to review and unbox toys and collectables related to areas we cover. Please note: Due to time, The People’s Movies can’t really promote short films, however,


The People’s Movies  now offer to advertise in various ways. Email us with your details, contact information and what you’re looking for, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

Email your advertising enquiries to paul@thepeoplesmovies.com.

Sponsored Posts/Articles/Features

Unfortunately we do not accept Sponsored or guest posts. Please do not email us, as you will be blocked and email deleted.

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Here’s a list of links to a few fantastic film blogs that we love. Some are our friends, others are simply awesome. Support the smaller film sites as much as you would the big boys of film; we’re proud members of LAMB (Large Association Movie Blogs) too. If you have a link on your site to either The People’s Movies or Cinehouse, do let us know and we’ll return the favour!


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