15 June 2024

5 Costumes’ Details In Captain America – Civil War You Need To Know


Besides the interesting story lines, the costumes in Captain America – Civil War is also one of the priorities. The fans are more inquisitive in knowing the new changes in costumes that will appear. When revealed, they look way better than comics. Sadly we still haven’t heard anything about Spiderman’s suit as yet. All we come across is some pictures of Tom Holland wearing a Spiderman outfit done in Photoshop. So basically it is still a mystery, but there’s a rumor about Spidey wearing the Iron-Spidey Suit. But for others it’s not a mystery as you’ll come to know 5 of them below:

Black Panther

Black Panther
The new addition to Marvel’s live action film is Black Panther, who will debut in Civil War and then a stand-alone film in 2018. About the character’s costume in Civil War, it’s not going to be one of those types made from only simple spandex fabric. Therefore, it’s going to be a combination of practical and visual effects. When noticed Captain America running after The Black Panther in the trailer, it seems we’re going to see a fight between these two. Since Captain America will use his Shield as always, The Black Panther has come prepared to have his claws made from Vibranium elements similar to Cap’s shield. So there will be no problem for T’Challa to face Captain America’s Shield.

The Falcon

Falcon Captain America
The Falcon suit is going to look way different than we what saw in Captain America – The Winter Soldier. If you watched Ant-Man, The Falcon made his appearance in his new suit and will utilize the same in Civil War. The goggle is upgraded, and red details will be seen in the suit that matches the color scheme from the comics. The suit is fully equipped, and it’s not worst than the first version, which will also feature rocket launchers.


It’s not going to be Hank Pym’s version; in fact, the Ant-Man Suit is going to look more modernized. The helmet is the biggest change which you can make out the wings attached to the sides. The suit, on the other hand, has the same red and black color scheme, and shoulder pads featured for some reason. By the work of the entire designs done on the outfit, it sort of resembles a Power Ranger’s Costume, just saying. Here’s another, the suit will not only shrink but will grow as well, being in the height of 15-20 ft High. Though the old Ant-Man costume has gained popularity, online stores started to create a jacket of that form. As for the new, it is totally of a great deal.

Scarlet Witch

The normal looking red jacket won’t appear which she wore in Age Of Ultron, which by the way do you know that F jackets is selling the Scarlet Witch jacket? We’re going to see the upgraded outfit which Elizabeth Olsen debuted at the end of Avengers – Age Of Ultron, following her induction into the New Avengers. Olsen’s Civil War outfit is going to look different which includes minor changes like the longer coat tails.

Captain America

captain america
As being the main character of the movie, Captain America will also receive some alteration to his suit. Compared from Age of Ultron, you won’t notice the white workings on the sleeves in Civil War, but instead, the sleeves will be entirely blue with few red details. Even moderations are done on the gloves, and the boots seem blue instead of brown.

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