16 April 2024
Watch new trailer for The G ahead of UK Premiere

Glasgow Film Festival 2024 Interview: The G’s Dale Dickey on playing a badass – and Costner’s new western

Watch new trailer for The G ahead of UK Premiere
It’s a term of endearment. Not something that The G (Dale Dickey) is used to – she’s always been at odds with the world – but her granddaughter admires her take-no-sh*t attitude to life, even if it’s split the family. And in Karl R Hearne’s revenge thriller at this year’s Glasgow Film Festival, she’s put in a spotlight that older women in films rarely experience.

The G – her real name is Ann – and her ailing husband Chip (Greg Ellward) suddenly find their lives taken over. Literally. A crooked legal guardian is convinced they’re sitting on a pile of cash, takes control of their affairs and uproots them into a prison-like care facility. The spartan conditions and the guardian’s bullying is too much for Chip and, suddenly on her own, Ann decides to take back her life and, with help from her granddaughter, take her revenge as well.

In this exclusive interview, Dale Dickey reflects on her reputation for playing tough women – “I know most people remember me from Breaking Bad so I’m used to being called out on the street or people running from me” but points out that there’s more to Ann than simply being a badass. There’s a tender, compassionate side to her, and the actor describes how she felt about appearing in a sex scene for the first time in her career. She also looks forward to her next appearance on screen, a supporting role in Horizon: An American Saga, the latest western from Kevin Costner. “It’s going to be a great cinematic event,” she says.

The G screens at the Glasgow Film Festival on 3rd March.

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