13 April 2024
Wanted Man

Dolph Lundgren Is A ‘Wanted Man’ Watch UK Trailer

Dolph Lundgren stars in WANTED Man watch UK Trailer
Directing, producing, co-scripting and even starring, Dolph Lundgren is still a ‘Wanted Man‘ in the film’s UK Trailer.

The film also stars Christina Villa (River), Kelsey Grammer (Frasier), and Michael Paré (The Lincoln Lawyer).

Dolph Lundgren was in his early days we all know he was an established action hero or even villain. The Expandables star has been there, wrote the book , got the t-shirt and nowadays directed the film they star in. However like many of the fellow action stars of the same generation they get stuck in a circle of the same old same old. Fans of the action genre will love them, anyone looking for something different cringe at them. Wanted Man will be one of those films, Signature Entertainment will be hoping you will check out.

What’s this one all about? Lundgren is ageing detective Johansen, who methods and opinions of life in general are dated. When he’s sent to Mexico to protects a female witness to cop killings he finds himself up against bad guys from both sides…

Johansen is an ageing detective whose outdated policing methods have given the department a recent public relations problem. To save his job, he is sent to Mexico to extradite a female witness to the murders of two DEA agents. Once there, he finds not only his old opinions challenged, but that bad guys on both sides of the border are now gunning for him and his witness. Starring Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV), Christina Villa (River), Kelsey Grammer (Frasier), and Michael Paré (The Lincoln Lawyer), Wanted Man is directed by Dolph Lundgren from a script he co-wrote with Michael Worth (Killing Cupid) and Hank Hugues.

Wanted Man is available on Digital Platforms in the UK and Ireland from 1st April.
Watch UK Trailer for Dolph Lundgren's WANTED MAN

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