12 April 2024
Daisy Ridley stars Sometimes I think about Dying watch UK Trailer

Sometimes I Think About Dying UK Trailer Daisy Ridley Is Lonely

Daisy Ridley stars Sometimes I think about Dying watch UK Trailer
Vertigo Releasing have released the UK Trailer for indie comedy drama Sometimes I Think About Dying. Starring and produced by Daisy Ridley who is ‘very lonely’.

The British actress might be used to ‘The Force’, in this one she’ll feel a completely different one. She is Fran, a socially awkward office worker who shut off in her own bubble at work. Always daydreaming, finding it hard to connect, however things change when a new co-worker who tries to connect with her. Will she let him in?

This looks a charming film with a dark edge. The trailer highlights Fran’s turmoil and the anxiety and challenges she faces daily. There is a sense of beauty in the promo which showcases the power and beauty of humanity…

Lost on the dreary Oregon coast, Fran (Daisy Ridley) finds solace in her cubicle, listening to the constant hum of officemates and occasionally daydreaming to pass the time. She is ghosting through life, unable to pop her bubble of isolation, when a friendly new coworker, Robert (Dave Merheje) persistently tries to connect with her. Though it goes against every fibre of her being, she may have to give this guy a chance.

Also starring in this one is Dave Merheje, Parvesh Cheena, Marcia DeBonis, and Bree Elrod. Sometimes I Think About Dying will be released in UK and Irish cinemas from 19th April. It will make it’s UK Premiere on 7th March plus 8th March at Glasgow Film Festival [more info/buy tickets].

Check out UK Artwork for Sometimes I Think ABout Dying

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