18 April 2024
Read our review of anime Blue Thermal

Anime Review – Blue Thermal (2022)

Read our review of anime Blue Thermal
Sports anime is a very common sub-genre when it comes to anime. It has dominated the genre with titles like Slam Dunk and Haikyuu which are titans of the genre and are excellent examples of why sports anime can be hype and must-watch titles. However, when it comes to sports anime the most popular ones usually are bigger sports that can easily adapt into engaging stories like basketball, boxing, and football. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule however there is a common trend to which sports are brought to life. So, heading into this one, right off the bat, this film is unlike any other.

Blue Thermal is about our main character Tamaki Tsuru joining a glider club while attending university. This is not her initial goal she originally just wanted to get a boyfriend and live a normal university life. However, that all changed when she may or may not have accidentally damaged a glider. From there she is invited to the glider club’s open day and is on her way to winning nationals. The film has a very typical plot for this type of film and is a bit lacklustre at times which I feel could have had more impact.

However, what makes the film so great is how amazing the characters are. Our main lead Tamaki Tsuru is a fiery ball of energy who is so optimistic about everything that is in a way very infectious. Our supporting cast of Jun Kuramochi and Daisuke Sorachi could have been just cliché love interests, but I feel they have layers to them and allow them to flourish into memorable characters that leave a lasting impact on our lead. In conjunction with the incredible voice acting of Mayu Hotta as Tamaki Tsuru, Nobunaga Shimazaki as Jun Kuramochi, and Junya Enoki as Daisuke Sorachi allow the characters to be true standouts of this film.

However, the film’s best aspect is how gorgeous it is. This is one of the best anime films I have seen solely in terms of visuals. Every frame from the opening moments is just a true work of art. The gliding sequences are utterly breathtaking and so stunning that I believe you could take any frame from the gliding sequences and have it as your PC’s wallpaper. Even the characters are just stunning, and their movements are filled with so much life that it is hard to take your eyes off the screen.

Blue Thermal while not your typical sports anime and it could be argued that it is more of a slice-of-life film, is still a great time. I enjoyed it when I first saw it back in 2022 and now, I enjoy it even more upon its Blu-ray release in 2024


Out now on Collectors Edition Blu-ray / Mayu Hotta, Nobunaga Shimazaki, Junya Enoki / Dir: Masaki Tachibana / Anime Limited / PG

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