‘Purrfect’ UK Trailer For Animated Adventure Cats In The Museum

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Cats In The Museum

What if you find yourself sheltering in one of the greatest museums in the world? Dazzler Media have released the UK Trailer for animated adventure Cats In The Museum, could it be the ‘purrfect’ adventure?

All thanks to flooding a small cat and mouse find themselves sheltering in the Hemritage Museum in St. Petersburg. In the museum the cat he crosses paths with an elite feline squad protecting the precious artworks. From pests like mice, can he protect his new small friend?

Get ready for a ‘purrfect’ family adventure this festive season with Cats in the Museum…

Vincent, a young cat, and Maurice, a small mouse, have a chance encounter and make a lucky escape from a flood inside an old harpsichord, which is picked up by sailors and sent to St. Petersburg.

Finding themselves in the Hermitage Museum, Vincent meets an elite feline squad who have been protecting priceless artwork from mice and other pests for centuries. Vincent dreams of finding a real cat family, but does not want to lose his friend Maurice, who saved his life. Things becomes even more complicated when one of the greatest paintings in human history, the Mona Lisa, arrives in the Hermitage, and must be protected. Can Vincent prove his courage, keep his friend, and win the love of a new cat?

Dazzler Media will release Cats in the Museum in UK and Irish cinemas from 26th December.