The First Trailer For Iconic Lazy Cat The Garfield Movie Is Here!

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Garfield The Movie out May 2024 watch first trailer
Odie and Garfield (voiced by Chris Pratt) in THE GARFIELD MOVIE.

Let’s be honest most of us hate Monday, do you hate it as much as this iconic lazy cat, Garfield? Monday just got a whole lot better, watch the first UK Trailer for The Garfield Movie!

Chris Pratt will voice our Lasagne loving who will soon step out of his comfort zone…Outside. Our sarcastic house bound cat is about to meet his daddy Vic (voiced by Samuel L.Jackson). A journey which his faithful canine friend Odie on an heist!

The trailer showcases the animated film will focus a lot on our cats human owner, Jon Arbuckle (voiced by Nicholas Hoult). Off course if you enjoy that equally iconic Italian pasta dish, Garfield’s obsession shines through, mmm!

Jim Davis created the comic strip back in 1978, which would become a animated television series before coming a live action version with Bill Murray voicing our laid back cat. The Guardian’s Starlord Chris Pratt has been making a name for himself as a voice actor with his rendition of Mario in The Super Mario  Bros Movie which caused a bit of a stir.

Garfield (voiced by Chris Pratt), the world-famous, Monday-hating, lasagna-loving indoor cat, is about to have a wild outdoor adventure! After an unexpected reunion with his long-lost father – scruffy street cat Vic (voiced by Samuel L. Jackson) – Garfield and his canine friend Odie are forced from their perfectly pampered life into joining Vic in a hilarious, high-stakes heist.

The rest of the voice cast includes Nicholas Hoult, Cecily Strong, Hannah Waddingham, Brett Goldstein, Bowen Yang, and Ving Rhames. Directed by The Emperor’s New Groove director Mark Dindal.

Will it be any good? You can find out when The Garfield Movie is released in the UK and Irish cinemas from 24th May 2024.