Time Is Up In New Rise Of The Footsoldier: Vengeance Clip

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Rise of the footsoldier vengeance 2023
Later this month Signature Entertainment will release their long running British crime thriller series Rise Of The Footsoldier: Vengeance on Digital platforms. Today we get a glimpse of the film in a new short clip called Time is Up.

Craig Fairbrass is once again returns as Pat Tate, a crime boss on a mission of revenge. His ‘footsoldiers’  have taken out and steps out of his comfort zone and go after those responsible for taking out his ‘boys’.

The clip we see Pat helping himself to some drugs and money, but whose gear is it?

Pat Tate (Craig Fairbrass, Cliffhanger) embarks on a rampage to avenge his loyal and trusted footsoldier’s violent death, venturing beyond his comfort zone of Essex into the dark side of 90s Soho to track down the villain responsible. Set to execute his revenge, Tate will stop at nothing even as the world around him starts to explode.

Also starring Jamie Foreman (Layer Cake), George Russo (Rise of the Footsoldier: Origins), Ben Wilson (Wednesday), Stephen McCole (Vigil), Sadie Frost (Bram Stoker’s Dracula), Tara Fitzgerald (Legend), ArrDee, Josh Myers (Fighting With My Family), Emily Wyatt (The Last Heist), Geoff Bell (RocknRolla), Anthony Skordi (The Offer) and Phil Davis (Vera Drake).

You can watch Rise of the Footsoldier: Vengeance will be available from 30th October on Digital Platforms.