Michael Powell’s Classic Peeping Tom Getting A 4K Re-Release

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Peeping Tom (1960)

Michael Powell‘s classic slasher thriller Peeping Tom is set to be given a 4K re-release in cinemas later this month. Studiocanal have released a new Trailer to promote the iconic serial killer classic.

The film stars Karlheinz Böhm, Moira Shearer, Anna Massey, Maxine Audley and Shirley Anne Field.

Martin Scorsese is probably Peeping Tom‘s biggest fan, considers it as one of his all time favourite films. The veteran director called it ‘ravishingly beautiful‘, It was ahead of it’s time. A very controversial that gave a sympathetic view of it’s protagonist . Also considered one of British horror movements finest films with a subject matter that shocked in 1960s.

Mark (Carl Boehm), a focus puller at the local film studio, supplements his wages by taking glamour photographs in a seedy studio above a newsagent. By night he is a killer, stalking his victims with his camera forever in his hand trying to capture the look of genuine, unadulterated fear – an obsession that stems from his disturbing and terrifying childhood at the hands of his scientist father. Mark slowly becomes enamoured with Helen (Anna Massey), who lives with her blind mother (Maxine Audley) in the flat downstairs, but how long before he turns the deadly gaze of his camera towards her?

Now regarded as a ground-breaking masterpiece of the British horror movement, on its initial release in 1960, PEEPING TOM received a savage reception from critics who were dismayed by its controversial subject matter and the sympathy it seems to engender for its murderous protagonist. The second film from visionary director Michael Powell, following his run of 1940s and 50s classics collaborating with screenwriter Emeric Pressburger, PEEPING TOM left Powell’s career in tatters and the film was made unavailable for many years. PEEPING TOM has since become recognized as a watershed in genre cinema, its themes of voyeurism and psychopathy proving hugely influential on the evolution of the slasher movie.

Peeping Tom 4K is set to play at BFI London Film Festival on Saturday 7th and 14th October. Then from 27th October it will get a UK cinema release before Studiocanal release the film on 4K UHD, Blu-ray and DVD on 29th January 2024. Released under their Vintage Classics Collection range with a host of extras.

Peeping Tom 4K UK Poster coming to UK Cinemas 27th October