Film Review – Dangerous Waters (2023)

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Absorbingly interesting, offbeat and erratic survival on the high seas adventure launching already excellent star Odeya Rush, into action mode. as Rose, reluctantly taken by her single mum Alma (Saffron Burrows) on a yacht with new boyfriend Derek (Eric Dane) sailing to Bermuda.

Opening scene creates intrigue, Rose all beat up, smoking, her mind in a blur. Flashback to before the trip and her mum seems to be in love and although afraid of water, Rose agrees to accompany her across the big blue. Derek seems dodgy from the start, his leering mannerisms towards Rose are prevalent, although Alma is clearly swept away, literally as she is hit by a loose flying sail knocking her overboard.

Back on deck, Alma survives, but worse circumstances are not far away as Pirates attack, setting the boat on fire, shooting Alma forcing Rose and Derek fleeing to a nearby unchartered island. Then whilst remaining spoiler-free, the film turns into something else complete with further deception building to absolute intense proportions.

Dear Dictator (2017) alongside veteran Michael Caine, is one of many engaging while underrated Odeya Rush performances, although her years of sidekicks in fresh movies such as, Dumplin (2018) or, Cha Cha Real Smooth (2022) and of course Lady Bird (2017) provided groundwork.

The tough emotional scene losing her mum proves my point of her inner talent, also ramping it up in hand to hand combat an extension of her sincere talent. Punching above her weight pint sized firecracker Rose remains compelling.

Odeya also shares the screen with late great legend, Ray Liotta, in his final performance, as nefarious The Captain.

He passed away in his sleep during production.

Thankfully Cocaine Bear (2023) is not his last role; Liotta is smarmy and evil. Their scene together has great intrigue.

Sufficient duo, Saffron Burrows and Eric Dane equally overplay their outrageous characters, whilst glorious Dominican republic locations on land and sea are used to full effect. Dangerous Waters may not be perfect, but I really enjoyed it.


Thriller | USA, 2023 | 15 | Digital HD | 13th October 2023 (UK) | Signature Entertainment | Dir.John Barr | Odeya Rush, Ray Liotta, Saffron Burrows, Eric Dane

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