Eddie Izzard is ‘Excellence Incarnate’ In Doctor Jekyll Trailer

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Doctor Jekyll starring Eddie Izzard coming UK Cinemas 27th October

Eddie Izzard is two steps ahead in the official UK Trailer for Doctor Jekyll. Later this month the iconic Hammer Films will return to the big screen which our titular character is ‘excellence incarnate’!

Robert Louis Stevenson‘s classic gothic horror Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde has been adapted many times on paper as much as on screen large and small. What makes this twisted dark tale different is the infamous doctor Nina Jekyll is a trans woman (played by Izzard). The big burning question many will be asking is this version, all about gender? Director Joe Stephenson says it’s not. This looks tense and looks to follow something more traditional to it’s origins, maybe a few unexpected twists!

Doctor Nina Jekyll is assigned to help to reform ex convict Rob, however not all what it seems as he’s part of the master plan devised by her alter ego Rachael Hyde.

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An isolated mansion, a mysterious locked room, creepy corridors, a dusty cellar and a mad doctor…Hammer horror is back with a modern reimagining of the classic Robert Louis Stevenson’s 1886 novella ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’. When ex-convict Rob takes the carer position to the infamous Nina Jekyll, little does he know he’s part of an evil master plan devised by her alter ego Rachel Hyde. But to what lengths will Rob go to satisfy his client’s weird wishes and his own ambitions for the daughter he has never even seen?

The film also stars Scott Chambers, Lindsay Duncan and Simon Callow. Doctor Jekyll will be shown in UK and Irish cinemas from 27th October.