Dale Dicky Takes On The Corrupt In Trailer for ‘The G’

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Dale Dickey in The G

Karl R. Hearne‘s ‘The G‘ has been Officially Selected for the Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival. In competition, it will celebrate its World Premiere. Ahead of next month’s premiere 3 Buck Productions have released the film’s first teaser trailer.

The film stars Dale Dickey (Hell Or High Water) as Ann Hunter aka The G. One day with her husband they snatched by a corrupt legal guardian who thinks they have plenty of hidden money. They become trapped by the system The G with help of her grand-daughter kick off revenge!

Ann Hunter (aka “The G”, played by Dale Dickey) and her husband retired to an unnamed American suburb 10 years ago to be near his family. But one day out of the blue they are snatched from their home by a corrupt legal guardian who believes they have hidden wealth. Their home and assets are legally stripped from them and they are put in a prison-like “eldercare facility,” victims of an exploding old age industry. Trapped in a corrupt and terrifying system, THE G begins to show her true mettle as she and her loyal granddaughter fight to get them out… and get revenge on the people who did this.

A “winter-noir” based on real events/inspired by the filmmaker’s own family experience, THE G is an original portrait of a fierce older woman in the kind of role that a woman is rarely cast in. A highly atmospheric blend of suspense, dark humour, and moving human relationships that confronts age-related issues head on,THE G is driven by one astonishing main character, rivetingly portrayed by Dale Dickey, “One of Hollywood’s Great Scene-Stealers” (Vanity Fair, Fall 2022).

The film also stars Romane Denis, Roc Lafortune, Bruce Ramsay  and Jonathan Koensgen.

The G will make it’s world premiere at Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival on 11th November.