Watch UK Trailer For Dangerous Waters, Ray Liotta’s Final Film

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Odeya Rush in Dangerous Waters watch UK Trailer

As we know, we lost Ray Liotta when he sadly died in May 2022. Over a year later that film the Goodfella‘s actor was filming, Dangerous Waters will be released soon. Today Signature Entertainment have released the UK Trailer which you can check out down below.

John Barr directs in his follow up film since his directorial 2020 debut Blood And Money. This survival thriller also stars Odeya Rush, Saffran Burrows and Eric Dane next to Liotta.

The film follows Rose and her mother Alma (Rush and Burrows) set sail on an adventure with her mum’s new boyfriends yacht (Dane). Sailing off to Bermuda, the holiday starts off great but things spiral out of control, when Alama is murdered. Secrets are revealed pushing Rose into an survival mode .

A sailing adventure to Bermuda spirals out of control when 19-year-old Rose discovers the hidden depths of her mother’s new boyfriend and his connection to a dark underworld led by The Captain. Starring Odeya Rush (Lady Bird), Eric Dane (Grey’s Anatomy), Saffron Burrows (You) and Ray Liotta (Cocaine Bear), Dangerous Waters is directed by John Barr (Blood and Money) from a script he co-wrote with Mark Jackson (Without).

You can sail into those ‘waters’ when Dangerous Waters arrives in the UK and Ireland from 13th October on Digital.

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