Listen To The Chronicle 019 – Expend4bles and The Lesson

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The Expendables 4 in UK and Irish CInemas 22nd September starring Sly Stallone

After a week off, The Chronicle Podcast  returns with another episode 019, with Expend4bles and The Lesson.

First up with review  this week is the Expendables 4 aka Expend4bles. After a 10year  hiatus, Sly Stallone returns as Barney Ross with Jason Statham as Lee Christmas for another slice of retro style action thriller . Some familiar faces such as Lundgren, Couture also return, now with 50 Cents, Megan Fox, Andy Garcia,  Iko Uwais and Tony Jaa joining. For this one, Barney and his crew are assigned to retrieve detonators for use in a Nuclear bomb which a mysterious but dangerous Ocelot plans to use to kick-off World War III.

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The final review for this week is Alice Troughton’s taut noir inspired thriller The Lesson. Starring Daryl McCormack as Liam a English literature student, aspiring writer who during the Summer tutors English. His first student is Bertie (Stephen McMillan) who just happens to be the son of his literature idol J.M Sinclair (Richard E Grant). He hired Liam to help get his son into Oxford University and the longer he stays in the Sinclair home, dark secrets unravel. One even gets him involved, but who is manipulating who?

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