Jim Jarmusch’s Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai Getting A 4K Release

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Ghost Dog 4K coming next month!It’s time to amp up your 4K collection with a cult 1990’s film and Jim Jarmusch‘s Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai starring Forest Whitaker.

The film is set to be restored in 4K and making its UHD debut, is a superbly sharp, unique thriller. Which is an iconoclastic mix of hip-hop, gangster movie and martial arts, with influences from Kurosawa, Suzuki and Melville.

Whitaker is our titular character Ghost Dog. Living a solitude life on the roof of an abandoned building, guided by the words of an ancient samurai text. He becomes an professional assassin only to be betrayed by the local Mafioso, reacting in the only way, the way of the samurai.

The great Robby Müller (Paris, Texas) gave this film it’s cinematography , a sublime score by the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA, and a host of colourful character actors (including a memorably stone-faced Henry Silva). The film plays like a pop-culture-sampling cinematic mixtape built around a one-of-a-kind tragic hero. It also remains one of Jarmusch’s best-loved films, wrote the role of Ghost Dog specifically for Whitaker and it remains one of his most memorable roles.

Forest Whitaker (Ghost Dog) lives above the world, alongside a flock of birds, in a homemade shack on the roof of an abandoned building. Guided by the words of an ancient samurai text, Ghost Dog is a professional killer able to dissolve into the night and move through the city unnoticed. When Ghost Dog’s code is dangerously betrayed by the dysfunctional mafia family that occasionally employs him, he reacts strictly in accordance with the Way of the Samurai.


  • Ghost Dog – The Odyssey: A Journey into the Life of a Samurai
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Ghost Dog: The Way Of The Samurai is available to buy on 4K UHD, Limited Edition UHD Steelbook, Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from 23rd October  and available to pre-order HERE.