Film Review – The Others (2001) 4K Restoration

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Out 2nd October on 4K is The Others
Director Alejandro Amenábar was on the verge of international acclaim with his previous films Thesis and Open Your Eyes becoming big hits in his native country of Spain. Looking to direct something quite different for his next project, Amenábar had written a ghost story with a twist or two and he just needed international backing and a star.

The search was long, but soon Nicole Kidman came on board after Tom Cruise sparked an interest in producing and things slowly started to come together. Eventually they had a great cast and a story like no other.

The Others is a classic supernatural drama written and directed by Alejandro Amenábar which is coming to 4K blu-ray for the first time. A film that caught the imagination of audiences all over the world, proving a surprise hit with its international success. Not only a first-time film directed in the English language for director Amenábar, but also a leading role which would push Kidman’s career into the renowned status that she holds today.

However, besides the fantastic and original script, it wouldn’t have been quite the same without its supporting cast and Fionnula Flannagan and Eric Sykes seem perfectly cast as the sinister new staff members with ulterior motives. Also, despite their ages and inexperience, James Bentley and Alakina Mann hold their own amongst the cast. Even carrying some scenes by themselves with Bently proving himself despite having no prior acting experience.

The blu-ray also has over ninety minutes of special features including an hour-long retrospective which includes interviews with the cast and crew. Also, a behind the scenes special about the film released to promote the film, a featurette about the music which Amenábar also composed and a breakdown of the visual effects which show just what goes into a film where you least expect it.

However, for those who love The Others, it feels like a film which is difficult to talk about, least of all to encourage newcomers to watch. Amenábar created a film which could have been difficult to sell because period drama ghost stories are not for everyone.

Although, perhaps word of mouth is what made it so successful and why it’s still talked about today. Overshadowed a little in terms of ghost stories with a shocking and original twist, The Others is still worth watching today, especially for those wanting to experience it for the first time.

Horror, Mystery | Spain/UK, 2001 | 12 | 4K, Blu-ray | 2nd October 2023 (UK) | Studiocanal | Dir. Alejandro Amenábar | Nicole Kidman, Fionnula Flanagan, Christopher Eccleston | Win 4K Blu-ray

●New Looking Back At The Others
●New The Music of The Others
●A Look Inside The Others
●Visual effects piece
●Xeroderma Pigmentosum: What Is It?
●An intimate look at director Alejandro Amenábar
●Stills Gallery