Blu-ray Review – Creepshow Series 1-3 Box Set (2023)

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For those unaware or unsure about the quality of Shudder, the world’s foremost horror streaming service then you may be missing out. That’s because amongst all the random offerings which may not be to everybody’s taste, there lies a Shudder Original series which may bring back memories of horror movies and TV shows of the past.

Ahead of its season four premiere next month, Creepshow, a horror anthology created and executive produced by Greg Nicotero is finally making its way to a physical bluray release. Nicotero, best known for his work as special effects master on the Evil Dead franchise and The Walking Dead gets to put his claws into his own horror show, with that special brand of horror that fans know and love.

However, amongst the blood and gore there also comes stories from Stephen King and Joe Hill, the father and son of modern horror which helps to flesh out the scares. Greg Nicotero himself even steps behind the camera to write and direct some episodes too.

Season one starts off with a bang, boasting some of the best cameos from the world of horror such as Adrienne Barbeau, Jeffrey Combs and Tobin Bell whilst the stories range from the comical to the historically questionable.

Season two continues the trend with appearances from Ali Larter, Keith David and Barbara Crampton and features a special Evil Dead reunion with Nicotero directing his old friend Ted Raimi in a story straight from the Necronomicon. It also features a special animated episode and a holiday episode to keep your spirits up.

Finally, although season three may offer diminishing returns in terms of special guests, its worth the wait. That’s because Mark Hamill himself features in an animated story and Michael Rooker perhaps brings the best story of the entire show.

The special features just keep getting better and better with each season as despite season one only offering audio commentaries, season two offers behind the scenes footage and photo galleries. While season three has the best offering of all, a Comic-Con panel featuring Greg Nicotero and Michael Rooker along with photo galleries and behind the scenes footage.

A series which may cater to a particular type of horror fan which may have either grown up with or grew to love Nicotero’s penchant for practical effects. Creepshow reminds the audience that the Cryptkeeper never left, he was just waiting to rise again.

Creepshow Series 1, 2 & 3 are available on Blu-ray, DVD & digital from 25th September.

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