Beware October At ARROW Will Be ‘Hellraising’

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Hellraiser Quartet coming to ARROW Video Channel
It’s time to play, prepare yourself as October at ARROW will be ‘hellraising’. Hellraiser Quartet, Lucio Fulci‘s cementary classic in 4K, Elvira and Jed Sheppard Selects ae some of what awaits you on the channel next month. It’s also Halloween expect a season of Shocktober frights and much more…

In October, Hellraiser: Quartet of Torment  will be unearthed in stunning blood-drenched 4K via In the 1980s, Clive Barker changed the face of horror fiction, throwing out the rules to expose new vistas of terror and beauty – and with Hellraiser, his first feature film as director, he did the same for cinema. The film was a smash hit and led to three extraordinary sequels – Hellbound: Hellraiser II, Hellraiser III: Hell on Earth, and Hellraiser: Bloodline, Hell has never looked better!

Suspense horror from South Korea in the truly chilling The Mimic. A woman, whose son has been missing for some time, moves to the countryside with her husband, daughter and sick mother-in-law. Out walking one day near Mt. Jang, the woman meets a mute girl by the mouth of a cave, who seems to be either lost or abandoned. The girl reminds her so much of her own lost son that she takes her home with her…

Lucio Fulci’s The House by the Cemetery also coming in 4K via, which had the honour of being the first ever DVD the ARROW Video label released back in 2012. The third and final instalment in his “Gates of Hell” trilogy, Lucio Fulci’s film showcases the malevolent maestro at his blood-drenched best. As the 1970s gave way to the 1980s,Fulci increasingly specialised in the dark, ultraviolent horror movies which would earn him the affectionate moniker “the Godfather of Gore”.

All Hallow’s Eve is upon us this October and to celebrate ARROW have curated a special season Shocktober 31. The season has everything you need to carve a pumpkin to, party with or to make sure that you don’t get a wink of sleep!

Also featuring in the month is Don’t Look: ARROW’s Scariest, collecting together all the scariest films  that will send shivers down your spine until you’re jumping out of your seat, including Two Witches, Edge of the Axe, and Dementer; So Funny It’s Frightening, a Halloween celebration full of horror films packed full of laughs and silliness, including Elvira Mistress of the Dark, Hotel Poseidon, and Crow Hand; Go to Hell!, a collection of purgatory-based pictures so good you won’t mind a bit if they result in you writhing in hellfire, including She-Devils on Wheels, Hitchhike to Hell, and Go to Hell Bastards!

The month will have No Compromise – The Lukas Moodysson Collection, a season of films by the director hailed internationally as one of Sweden’s greatest filmmaking talents, delighting and confounding audiences in equal measure. With a new film showing at this year’s BFI London Film Festival, here’s a chance to reacquaint yourself with Moodyson’s unique and eclectic oeuvre, including Lilya 4ever, Together and Mammoth.ARROW October 2023

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