Watch The Job Of Songs UK Trailer And Enjoy ‘The Craic!’

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The Job Of Songs out in UK 25th September watch Trailer

Central City Media have released the UK Trailer for Music Documentary The Job Of Songs.

‘Enjoy the craic’ of Lila Schmitz‘s film which won best international Documentary in 2022 at The Galway Film Festival (Galway Film Fleadh). We go on a journey on the west coast of Ireland, a community of musicians seek connection and joy through music as they face a modernizing world.

The power of music works in many different ways, unleashing those feelings a lot of feelings. Many go unspoken, unheard, the world would be a lonely place, especially in those cosy pubs in Ireland! Anyone for a sing song?

The Job of Songs is produced by Lila Schmitz, Fengyi Xu, and Anika Kan Grevstad. It is an intimate film about the musicians of County Clare. Tourists flock to the west coast of Ireland to take in the breathtaking Cliffs of Moher, but the real treasure lies in the soulful, acoustic sounds wafting out of pubs and living rooms of the unspoiled coastal village of Doolin. Travelers from around the world gather in the local pubs to hear the traditional Irish music, which threads through the generations creating community, connection, and joy. But things are changing: facing rapid modernization at the hands of tourism, confronting depression and mental health issues, and grappling with a history of colonization and oppression, the people of Doolin turn to music to find solace.

The film also features musician’s Christy Barry, Luka Bloom, Ted Mc Cormac, Christy Mc Namara,
Kieran O’Connell, Eoin O’Neill, Anne Rynne, Davoc Rynne, Adam Shapiro, Katie Theasby, The Fiddle Case.

The Job Of Songs will be released on the usual Digital Platforms in the UK and Ireland From 25th September.