Maggie Q ‘Sleighs’ Everyone In Fear The Night UK Trailer

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Maggie Q stars in Fear The Night coming to 101 Films in September
Fight til dawn or if your Maggie Q ‘sleigh’ everyone that crosses your path in the UK Trailer for Fear The Night coming to Digital courtesy of 101 Films.

The an all-out action home invasion horror comes from Neil LaBute (In Company Of Men, Possession, Van Helsing). Q leads the cast which also includes Kat Foster, Travis Hammer, and Gia Crovatin.

She plays an Iraq war veteran addict who is at her sister’s hen weekend at their parents remote home. She struggles to enjoy herself until things take a drastic turn and takes on masked home invaders in a do or die situation.

Maggie leads the cast as Tess, an Iraq War veteran and recovering addict who’s back for her sister’s hen weekend. Along with her other sister and a group of friends, they head to their parents’ remote farmhouse in the California hills for an outrageous girls’ blow-out, but something far more sinister awaits them.

As the party gets going, the drinks begin to flow and so does the fun, but not for Tess, who can’t relax – she doesn’t fit in and struggles to let her guard down – which is lucky for the rest of them, as things suddenly take a disturbingly twisted turn…

When the party’s male stripper is struck with an arrow the evening descends into panic, and when more shots are fired the women quickly realise they’re under attack – a group of menacing masked men are on the rampage. Tess realises that it’s do or die and as her killer instincts kick in, all hell breaks loose… she’ll stop at nothing to defend the group, as the bachelorette bash turns into a brutal bloodbath.

It’s kill or be killed in this thrilling battle of wills and skills, scares and thrills.

Fear The Night will be released in the UK and Ireland on Digital Platforms from 25th September.