J.A Bayona’s Society of the Snow First Trailer Arrives Online

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society of the snow watch first trailer

There’s nothing more testing of the human strength is surviving a terrible accident. Next month J.A Bayona‘s Society Of The Snow will make it’s World premiere at Venice Film Festival. Today we get a look at the survival thriller ‘s first Trailer.

The latest film from Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom , Lord Of The Rings: The Rings Of Power director and it’s also his first Spanish language film since The Orphanage.

The film is based on the book from Pablo Vierci about the true life events. About a Uruguayan rugby team who chartered a flight to Chile, which crashed in the Andes mountains. The survivors pushed to their limits attempting to survive hostile environments, which 29 of 45 of the passengers survived.

This is not the first time this fascinating story has been made into a film. Back in 1993 we had Alive starring Ethan Hawke, Josh Hamilton, and Bruce Ramsay. Looks intense, harrowing hopefully we wont have to wait long for it to arrive on the channel.

In 1972, Uruguayan Air Force Flight 571, which had been chartered to fly a rugby team to Chile, crashed in the heart of the Andes. Only 29 of its 45 passengers survived the accident. Trapped in one of the most hostile and inaccessible environments on the planet, they have to resort to extreme measures to stay alive.

The cast for this one includes Enzo Vogrincic (Numa Turcatti), Agustín Pardella (Nando Parrado), Matías Recalt (Roberto Canessa), Esteban Bigliardi (Javier Methol), Diego Vegezzi (Marcelo Perez), Fernando Contigiani García (Arturo Nogueira), Esteban Kukuriczka (Fito Strauch), Rafael Federman (Eduardo Strauss), Francisco Romero (Daniel Fernandez Strauch), Valentino Alonso (Pancho Delgado), Tomás Wolf (Gustavo Zerbino), Agustín Della Corte (Tintín Vizintín), Felipe Otaño (Carlitos Páez), Andy Pruss (Roy Harley), Blas Polidori (Coco), Felipe Ramusio (Diego Storm), Simón Hempe (Coche Inciarte).

Netflix will launch Society Of The Snow on the channel at a date still to be announced. Before then, the film will have its World Premiere as the Closing Night Film at Venice Film Festival on 9th September.