Evil Lurks In The Woods In The Knocking UK Trailer

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The Knocking out this month at PIgeon Shrine FrightFest watch Trailer

In film and television even literature we know many things lurk in forests. Blue Finch Film Releasing want you to know in The Knocking, evil lurks in the woods, you get a taster in the shape of the UK Trailer.

The film made it’s premiere at Sundance Midnight strand. Before it’s release digitally the film will head to FrightFest later this month.

The film is the directorial feature debut from Max Seeck and Joonas Pajunen. The Knocking is described as a tense and terrifying eco-horror rooted in the forests and folklore of Finland.

In this one, siblings Mikko, Maria and Matilda haven’t been close  or  even seen each other in a long time. They must all  head to their childhood where their parents were allegedly murdered. What will they do with the house? They plan to sell including the forest estate. As things look to be moving smoothly, old traumas quickly resurface, and something evil may lurk in the woods, desperate in trying to stop the sale.

When three adult siblings return to their childhood home, where their parents were allegedly murdered many years ago, their plan is to get the house and estate ready to be sold, but they soon discover a primordial evil is trying to prevent them from doing so.

The film stars Inka Kallén, Saana Koivisto, Olga Temonen, and Mikko Leppilampi. The film will make it’s UK Premiere at Pigeon Shrine FrightFest on 25th and 27th August [book your tickets here]. If you cannot make FrightFest, Blue Finch Film Releasing  will release The Knocking on Digital from 4th September.

Watch the UK Trailer for The Knocking