The Aliens Attack In Invasion Season 2 Trailer

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Invasion Season 2 , coming 23rd August 2023

Aliens adapted, humans will too as the aliens attack in the official Trailer for Apple TV+ Invasion Season 2.

The War Of The Worlds inspired series comes from Simon Kinberg and David Weil. The first season which was released in 2021 focused on the early days of the invasion. Season things happen from different perspectives from different characters from all around the world. The new ten episode second season takes place nearly 6 months after their arrival, once again following the characters this time war has now broken.

The visual side of this series looks very good, I also liked how they aliens took the Arrival style approach and how humanity attempts to contact newly arrived visitors. They look strange, creepy a little like the ones from A Quite Place films.

The action-packed second season of “Invasion” picks up just months later with the aliens escalating their attacks in an all-out war against the humans. The trailer gives a suspenseful sneak peek into the new season, as aliens and destruction abound, answers are relentlessly pursued and the fight for the world’s survival continues.

The new season will include Golshifteh Farahani, Shioli Kutsuna, Shamier Anderson, India Brown. Along with Billy Barratt, Azhy Robertson, Paddy Holland, and Tara Moayedi. Joining them for season two are Enver Gjokaj, Nedra Marie Taylor, and Naian González Norvind.

Invasion Season 2 makes its global premiere with the first episode on Wednesday, 23rd August. Each new episode coming every Wednesday on Apple TV+, with the final episode on 23rd October.