August At MUBI Will Be ‘Camp, Incredible And Ecstatic’

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Summer weather might be having the biggest game of hide and seek, what better time to head over to MUBI. Next month at the Boutique streaming channel they promise it will be a month that will be ‘Camp, Incredible And Ecstatic‘.

In August we will get a chance to enjoy the camp murder mystery Medusa Deluxe. A selection of Adèle Exarchopoulos films, Werner Herzog, Robert DeNiro and much more…

Medusa Deluxe out UK Cinemas 4th June
Arriving exclusively to MUBI this August is Thomas Hardiman’s bold, camp and unique take on murder mystery, Medusa Deluxe (2022). After a stylist is found dead at a hairdressing competition, the remaining competitors try to uncover the killer over the course of an evening, in this vivacious and absurdly comic ensemble drama. Rivalry and mistrust build as the remaining group of determined contestants suspect that someone may be trying to rig the competition, by gruesomely picking off its entrants. Hardiman’s extravagant whodunnit features stunning cinematography from Academy Award nominee Robbie Ryan (The Favourite), an electronic score by Koreless and dazzling hair designs by renowned stylist Eugene Souleiman.

Medusa Deluxe (Tom Hardiman, 2022) – 4th August

Incredible But True coming to MUBI in August
Known for his unique and unconventional approach to filmmaking, Quentin Dupieux’s films often feature surreal and absurd elements, frequently using humour to subvert audience expectations. Incredible But True (2022), sees Alain and Marie, a middle-aged couple, move to the quiet suburb of their dreams. But the real estate agent warns them that what they find in the basement may well change their lives forever. This absurd and riotously entertaining film will arrive on the platform on August 11.

Incredible But True (Quentin Dupieux, 2022) – 11th August

Zero Fucks coming to MUBI in August
In anticipation of the upcoming release of Ira SachsPassages (2023) in the UK and Ireland this Summer, MUBI presents a special season spotlighting the ever-fascinating actor Adèle Exarchopoulos. Exarchopoulos gained international recognition for her breakthrough role in the Palme d’Or winning Blue is The Warmest Colour (2013) and since then has continued to focus her work primarily in French cinema.

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With unwavering dedication, Exarchopoulos has consistently showcased her versatility as an actor, and this season offers a glimpse into her remarkable range. Exarchopoulos ignites the screen in the adrenaline-packed crime-drama Racer and The Jailbird (2017) which arrives on the platform on August 10th along with the comic-thriller Sybil (2018). Zero Fucks Given (2021) and MUBI’s The Five Devils (2022) are both available to view now.

Racer and The Jailbird (Michaël R. Roskam, 2017) – 10th August
Sybil (Justine Triet, 2019) – 10th August
Zero Fucks Given (Emmanuel Marre and Julie Lecoustre, 2021) – Available Now
The Five Devils (Léa Mysius, 2022) – Available Now
Orphan (Arnaud des Pallières, 2016) – Coming Soon

Aguirre, The Wrath of God (1972)
Kicking off this August is a very special focus on one of the most innovative and acclaimed filmmakers in cinema today, Werner Herzog. Endlessly versatile, there are few stones Herzog has left unturned — whether moving between documentary and fictional modes or boldly experimenting with the potential of genres like science-fiction and thriller. From the deepest jungles to the American heartland, these films demand physically involved performances from a talented, often recurring, cast of actors. Committed to a relentless pursuit of the “ecstatic truth” of art, Herzog’s films are inspired by a roving spirit of adventure and exploration that pushes at the very limits of human experience.

Fata Morgana (Werner Herzog, 1971) – 1st August
Land of Silence and Darkness (Werner Herzog, 1971) – 9th August
Aguirre, the Wrath of God (Werner Herzog, 1972) – Coming Soon
The Enigma of Kasper Hauser (Werner Herzog, 1974) – Coming Soon

King Of Comedy (1983)
As the veteran American actor Robert De Niro turns 80, we’re shining a light on some of his finest appearances from the 1980s and 1990s – a period where the risk-taking star used his considerable industry muscle to get some of the most iconic films onto our screens. Whether playing a volatile criminal or a mellower figure of restraint and sympathy, De Niro is an electric screen presence from whom viewers can rarely look away.​​

Brazil (Terry Gilliam, 1985) – Now Streaming
Once Upon a Time in America (Sergio Leone, 1984) – 6th August
The King of Comedy (Martin Scorsese, 1983) – Coming Soon
Heat (Michael Mann, 1995) – Coming Soon

blue jeans (1958)
For the triple bill this August, MUBI presents three masterpieces from French filmmaker Jacques Rozier. Arriving first is Rozier’s short film Blue Jeans (1958); a freewheeling and flirtatious tale capturing the carefree energy of summer, embodying the spirit of freedom of the French New Wave. Also showing in this series is one of Rozier’s most notable films, Adieu Philippine (1962), considered to be a prime example of his observational approach to filmmaking, presenting a candid and realistic portrayal of youth culture in France during the 1960s. Completing this triple bill is Rozier’s short, Paparazzi (1963), a documentary filmed on the set of Jean-Luc Godard’s film Contempt (Le Mépris), following the day-to-day conflicts between the paparazzi and Brigitte Bardot.

Blue Jeans (Jacques Rozier, 1958) –  8th August 
Adieu Philippine (Jacques Rozier, 1962) – Coming Soon
Paparazzi (Jacques Rozier, 1963) – Coming Soon

The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales
Luchadores, witches, superheroes and more. Dive into Spectacle Every Day – The Many Seasons of Mexican Popular Cinema, a selection from Locarno Film Festival’s exceptional retrospective covering three decades of Mexican film production rediscovering rarities and never-before-seen works.

Streetwalker (Trotacalles) (Matilde Landeta, 1951) – 2nd August
The Batwoman (La Mujer Murciélago) (René Cardona, 1968) – 2nd August
The Witch’s Mirror (El Espejo de la Bruja) (Chano Urueta, 1962) – 2nd August
The Skeleton of Mrs. Morales (El Esqueleto de la Señora Morales) (Rogelio Antonio González, 1960) – 2nd August
Stronger Than Love (Más Fuerte que el Amor) (Tulio Demicheli, 1955) – 2nd August

The Future Tense coming to MUBI August, watch trailer
Exclusive streaming premieres from the most prestigious international film festivals and rediscovered classics selected by MUBI’s curators

[Debuts] Eva is a strong-willed, restless 16-year-old girl who lives with her mother, her younger sister and their cat, but desperately wants to move in with her estranged father. Clinging onto him as he goes through a second adolescence, she balances between the tenderness and sensitivity of teenage life and the ruthlessness of the adult world.

I Have Electric Dreams (2022) solidifies Valentina Maurel as a poignant, new voice from an emerging generation of Costa Rican directors. Exquisite in its atmospheric, sensorial quality, the coming-of-age tale shows the complexities of life, both luminous and dark, capturing the thin line between love and hate.

I Have Electric Dreams (Valentina Maurel, 2022) – Coming Soon

[Viewfinder] Two parents with their teenage daughter wait to board a flight that will take them from London to Dublin. It’s a flight they have made a lot over the years, but this particular flight back to Dublin is different. There’s more at stake.

Staged as a series of voiceover sessions, The Future Tense (2022) unfolds as a poignant tale of tales, motivated by the recent seismic changes to the political landscape in the UK, exploring the filmmakers’ own experiences in ageing, parenting, mental illness, and the brutal history beneath Ireland’s heavy earth.

The Future Tense (Joe Lawlor, Christine Molloy, 2022) – Coming Soon

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