Neil Marshall’s The Liar Coming To Blu-ray, DVD and Digital

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Dog Soldiers in the desert is one description of Neil Marshall‘s The Liar. In July you can find out yourself when the Dog Soldiers director’s latest film arrives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital.

he Lair, a lean, mean creature feature, which, according to the director, is inspired by the ‘classic genre movies like Alien, Predator and The Thing’.

This spine-chilling Shudder Original features terrifying monsters, gruesome violence and tougher-than-tough characters. Claustrophobic, fear-fuelled and strikingly shot,

The film stars Charlotte Kirk, Jonathan Howard and Jamie Barber. We find ourselves set in Afghanistan an SAS team are sent into the country to bring back a soldier who was shot. Attempting to run away from her pursuers, she finds refuge in what looks like an abandoned military bunker which may hold a dark secret…

The Liar
Blu-ray artwork out 17th JulyWhen Lieutenant Kate Sinclair (Charlotte Kirk – The Reckoning, Ocean’s Eight) is shot down over Afghanistan, Sergeant Tom Hook (Jonathan Howard – Thor: The Dark World, World War Z) is sent in to lead a specialised team of SAS troops to find the missing soldier and bring her home.

As Sinclair desperately tries to evade her pursuers, she stumbles across a forsaken military bunker and seeks refuge, but little does she know that this seemingly abandoned base holds a dark secret… a horde of nightmarish creatures known as Ravagers, half-human and half-alien, ravenous for flesh.

Narrowly escaping from the bunker, Sinclair finds safety at a nearby army base led by Major Roy Finch (Jamie Bamber – Marcella, Signora Volpe). But it’s not long before some unexpected and extremely dangerous visitors arrive, eliciting an adrenaline-fueled mighty battle for survival…

Enter The Lair at your own risk in this nightmarish, pulse-pounding and action-packed feature.

The Liar will be available to buy on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from 24th July.