Listen to The Chronicle Episode 6 Film Podcast!

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Another week, another new episode of The Chronicle film podcast. The second week at it’s new home The Peoples Movies, with Episode 6 which has reviews of The Flash and Extraction 2.

Thank you once again for your kind words, support, sharing the previous episode (no.5).  Once again the set up for The Chronicle, is I chat about film (new and old releases)

First up on the new episode will be the long awaited DC Universe film, The Flash. After delay thanks to Covid and the allegations of Ezra Miller‘s private life the film gets a cinematic release. Worlds collide when Barry Allen/Flash attempts to put rights to wrong and change what has happened in his life and those close to him. Like any time travel related films or shows, not all will end well.

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The second release is Chris Hemsworth returning as Black Ops super agent Tyler Rake in Extraction 2. When we last met Tyler in the original 2020 film he was left for dead in Mumbai India, but how did he survive? All is revealed in the film and retirement is not for Tyler who is once again saving someone, this time the wife and children of a Georgian criminal warlord.

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Stay tuned for The Chronicle Extra, which will be online in a couple of days with some more new reviews. The Chronicle Extra is the supplemental Podcast to the main episode which you will find at the Podcast’s original home, Chronicles In Film.