June 10, 2023
Wait For Me in select UK Cinemas from 2nd June

Film Review – Wait For Me (2022)


Whilst we might like to believe it, there is no person who is wholly good. The vastness of humanity operates in a spectrum of greys, and the decisions we make can fall into the lighter greys or the infinitely darker ones. Wait For Me, the feature drama directorial debut from Irish director Keith Farrell, introduces audiences to Alison, a character who finds herself constantly living in a world of grey decisions.

After arriving in England from Ireland, Alison began working for local gangster Max. Tied to Max, with a drug habit exacerbated by her weary father, Alison has little chance of escaping the dangerous situation that she has found herself in. One day, Alison meets Sam. Mysterious, quiet but obviously struggling with life as much as she is, Sam may be the very person that Alison needs most to help her change. However, Max is not going to let Alison go easily and certainly not without a fight.

Premiering at the Manchester International Film Festival 2023, Wait For Me is both a gritty thriller and a contemplative drama. The film shines a light on those who are at the edge of society and in terrible situations but throughout, Wait For Me also wants to highlight that there is always hope and a chance – a chance to meet people who want better for you, a chance to make life better, a chance to start again.

Wait for Me has a myriad of great performances. Karen Hassan takes centre stage as Alison and whilst she does not always behave in the best way and often makes frustrating choices, she is always a character that the audience roots for. The same can be said for Sam, played by Aaron Cobham. Often he is almost too taciturn and passive, and the audience yearns for him to speak up and use his voice, however he is again a character that the audience wants the best for. We root for this unlikely pair of lost souls and want them to live a happy life. Overall, Wait For Me has rounded and well thought of characters who feel realistic and fallible.

Filmed in Halifax, Yorkshire, Wait For Me makes good use of its location with the film feeling really home grown in a way that will resonate with British audiences in particular. Scenes on the beach, fairground rides in the background, are reminiscent of childhood holidays – the film has a real sense of longing and thoughtfulness. These feelings are absolutely enhanced by Wait For Me’s score which is perfect and lifts the film’s evocative nature. This is a film that will provoke thought for the audience and then stay with them after the credits have rolled.


Drama | UK/Ireland | 2023 | 15 | Cinema | 2nd June 2023 (UK) | Old Hall Films | Dir. Keith Farrell | Karen Hassan, Aaron Cobham, Sean McGinley, Neil Bell, Elva Trill

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