Beware Of Stephen Lang In Old Man UK Trailer

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Beware of the enemy within in the UK Trailer for Lucky McKee‘s Old Man, and descend into madness!

If go by Stephen Langs filmography we should know he’s a man we should not mess with. From  Vietnam vets (Don’t Breathe, VFW) to nefarious colonels (The Avatar franchise) you know if you cross paths it wont  end well.

Lucky McKee knows how to get into our minds with films like May, The Woman and All Cheerleaders Die. His latest Psychological thriller sees Lang as our titular character ‘old man’ who lives alone in the woods. Unfortunately a hiker comes across his cabin while searching for help, but this old codger  isn’t in the mood to help!

Our leading actor knows how to be that erratic loner, a ruthless foe. He probably helped to write the playbook! The trailer is short and plays on  the unsettling tone which will make things uncomfortable and very apprehensive. It looks a one location film, expect the unexpected!

When a lost traveller stumbles upon an old man living in a remote cabin in the woods, the two engage in a lengthy conversation; one that will bring to light the truths they’ve been running from, the sins they’ve tried to forget, and the terrifying bond that connects them.

The film also stars Marc Senter, Patch Darragh and Liana Wright-Mark. Old Man will be released in the UK and Ireland from 5th June via the usual Digital platforms.