Joaquin Phoenix Has A Breakdown In Beau Is Afraid UK Trailer

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Sony Pictures have released the UK Trailer for Beau Is Afraid. As Joaquin Phoenix walks into a breakdown riddled with anxiety, venture forth brave boy!

This may not be a horror like Ari Aster‘s previous films (Hereditary, Midsommar), horror of society lingers. Equally absurd, odd, traumatic and someone facing their darkest fears off course a twisted odyssey of epic proportions. What this film might actually be about, your guess is good as mines.

Phoenix plays our titular character Beau, however from this promo, posters and images, we meet him at certain ages of his life. The Joker star plays the character most of the film with Armen Nahapetian the younger version. What we do know he is a very lonely man who seems to be travelling to meet his mother that journey he embarks might not be totally safe.

This is one trippy promo that showcases Aster is taking us on a unexpected journey that might be mind-altering. This looks intriguing, darkly comedic, strap in!

From writer-director Ari Aster comes a delirious journey into the unknown from one of the most inventive cinematic minds working today: the story of a man who sets out to visit his mother and discovers a world of malevolent forces and unseen eyes tracking his every move. Dense with meaning and aimed squarely at confronting the emotional chaos and collective uncertainty of our present day, Beau is Afraid follows one man’s odyssey through the depths of the end of history, finding horror and humour at every turn.

The film also stars Nathan Lane, Amy Ryan, Patti LuPone, Kylie Rogers, Parker Posey, Stephen McKinley Henderson, Zoe Lister-Jones, Hayley Squires, plus Denis Ménochet and Armen Nahapetian. Beau Is Afraid will be in UK and Irish cinemas from 19th May.