New Dubbed Trailer For Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume

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In 2 weeks time Crunchyroll will release Makoto Shinkai’s Suzume. Today we get a glimpse at the gorgeous dubbed English language trailer.

For years Studio Ghibli brought fantastic Anime to the west. Nowadays they are joined by the likes of Shinkai who gave us the Oscar nominated Your Name (2016) and Weathering With You (2019).

Crunchyroll also recently announced the English language cast, Nichole Sakura as our titular heroine Suzume Iwato. She is joined by Josh Keaton as Souta, Jennifer Sun Bell as Tamaki, Joe Zieja as Serizawa, Rosalie Chiang as Chika, Amanda C. Miller as Rumi, Mela Lee as Miki, and Cam Clarke as Munakata.

In this one we follow a young girl travelling through various ruins across Japan while closing doors that cause disaster.

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On the other side of the door, was time in its entirety—

Suzume is a coming-of-age story for the 17-year-old protagonist, Suzume, set in various disaster-stricken locations across Japan, where she must close doors causing devastation.

Suzume’s journey begins in a quiet town in Kyushu (located in southwestern Japan) when she encounters a young man who tells her, “I’m looking for a door.” What Suzume finds is a single weathered door standing upright in the midst of ruins as though it was shielded from whatever catastrophe struck. Seemingly drawn by its power, Suzume reaches for the knob… Doors begin to open one after another all across Japan, unleashing destruction upon any who are near. Suzume must close these portals to prevent further disaster.

—The stars, then sunset, and the morning sky.

Within that realm, it was as though all time had melted together in the sky…

Never-before-seen scenery, encounters, and farewell. A myriad of challenges await her on her journey. Despite the obstacles in her way, Suzume’s adventure shines a ray of hope upon our own struggles against the toughest roads of anxiety and constraints that make up everyday life. This story of closing doors that connect our past to the present and future will leave a lasting impression upon.

Drawn in by these mysterious doors, Suzume’s journey is about to begin.

Suzume will be released in UK and Irish cinemas next month on 14th April. You can head to the film’s Official website to find out your nearest screening.