Film Review – 65 (2023)

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With high anticipation from the co-writers of A Quiet Place, but little fanfare, a big budget science fiction dinosaur adventure story is unleashed and knowing little about plot in advance (something of a rarity for me) this enhanced my enjoyment.

65, has a stripped back simple story of a dedicated family man, decorated astronaut Mills (Adam Driver) volunteering to lead an exploratory mission notably to earn funds to assist his daughter continue ongoing medical treatment.

In flight in the outer limits, a meteorite storm proves challenging sending his ship crashlanding onto a nearby planet.

Only Mills, alongside a child passenger Koa (Ariana Greenblatt) survive, but only just as their craft is somewhat in pieces and an escape pod separated from the wreckage. The pair head out on foot into the unknown terrain to track down the pod with hopes to blast off returning to their home.

It turns out the planet they have arrived on, is earth, 65 million years ago.

So, inhabiting this world are a range of prehistoric predators lurking, flying, swimming and running after them. Another problem happens to be the asteroid which caused an ‘ice age’, is hurtling towards their solar system days away from impact.

Enjoyable fast paced thrills with quivering, intense action scenes had me wide eyed and alert. Keeping one eye in the sky, Mills and Koa also continuously watch their surrounds on their hike, not knowing what was going to jump out at them next. Special effects mostly impress, some moments are in darkness creating difficulty seeing the creatures, piercing sound effects make up for those shadowy moments.

Score co composed by Danny Elfman with Chris Bacon (Wednesday) is pounding and full of large instrument crescendos, perfect for setting the mood.

It is a different kind of agile role for Adam Driver, he has come a long way since Frances Ha (2012) a film in my top 20 of all time.

An actor who mixes it up, talented in all genres, his chemistry with the often silent ‘Greenblatt (so great in little known drama, Awake, 2021) is reputable, Mills obviously protects her like a daughter, especially in survival mode.

Someone asked me if 65, is the new, Jurassic Park. NO, there will be not be a ‘new’ dinosaur film on the level of Jurassic Park, in my lifetime. 65, is no Jurassic Shark or Jurassic Planet or Jurassic Games either, you get the idea. This is a slick high voltage, uncomplicated dinosaur chronicle well worth a watch and much better than the recent, Jurassic Park Dominion.


Sci-fi, Action | USA, 2023 | 12A | Cinema | 10th March 2023 (UK) | Sony Pictures Releasing | Dir.Scott Beck, Bryan Woods | Adam Driver, Ariana Greenblatt, Chloe Coleman

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