Watch Video Interview Andy Mitton (The Harbinger)

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It lives in your nightmares and you can blame one man for that, his name is Andy Mitton. Out now on Digital from Signature Entertainment is The Harbinger directed by Mitton (The Witch In The Window). The film stars Gabby Beans a woman travelling to New York City to be with her friend. Her friend who has become plagued by horrific nightmares from the beyond. This journey would also force her to face her own fears and the demon warping reality.

Our Writer Shane A. Bassett reviewed the film (link below interview), recently had a chat with Andy Mitton. Chatting about the film and all things horror, check it out…

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This horror is the stuff of nightmares. When her oldest friend is plagued by horrific nightmares from the beyond, Monique (Gabby Beans, House of Cards) is forced to travel to NYC. On the first night of the visit, Monique learns the dreams are contagious – and so is the HARBINGER, the plague mask-wearing demon who not only feeds on its victims’ souls, but warps reality itself to remove any trace of their existence. The Harbinger is written and directed by Andy Mitton (The Witch in the Window) and also stars Emily Davis (The Plagiarists) and Raymond Anthony Thomas (Shutter Island).

The film  also stars Emily Davis, Raymond Anthony Thomas, and Stephanie Roth Haberle . The Harbinger is now available on Digital Platforms.

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