Watch First Look Trailer For Sky Doc Dublin Narcos

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Dublin will always be known for it’s pub culture, Guinness and friendly folks. Sadly there was a time drugs changed the city and this is highlighted in Documentary, Dublin Narcos.

Sky have released a first look trailer for the The new three-part docu-series. It will tell the story of how Dublin transformed from a recession-blighted city in the 1980’s to a growing metropolis in the 1990’s.

When fortunes changed, so too did its criminals. They spotted new opportunities. Those opportunities were sourcing and selling a succession of illegal substances. As these drugs exploded in popularity, they came to redefine life and crime in Ireland, making millions for some, while fuelling a rise in addiction, violence and organised crime for many others.

Fusing documentary and drama, Dublin Narcos tells the story of how drugs changed the fabric of Dublin, which can still be seen to this day. This ground-breaking series hears first-hand from an extraordinary cast of characters, swept up in the burgeoning new business of drugs – from the kingpins to the Gardaí who struggled to find new ways to bring down the new breed of criminal; from local mums who fought battles with dealers, to cocaine couriers and club owners; and from ravers who rode the wave of drug fuelled euphoria, to users whose forays into dealing led to their own downfall. Crucially, the series also hears from the fearless journalists whose attempts to expose the drug barons eventually lead to the death of one of their bravest, Veronica Guerin.

Dublin Narcos will premiere on Sky Documentaries and NOW on Saturday  4th March  at 9pm.