Watch The Unsettling Trailer For UK Horror The Strays

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Will you invite them? Netflix invite you, that’s to watch the unsettling trailer for the UK Horror The Strays. A upper middle class woman’s idyllic life unravels thanks to the arrival of two strangers, but who are they?

If you enjoy horrors or even thrillers with a psychological twist, this will probably be right up your street. You can see the Ari Aster influence on the tone of the film, it’s not going to be a gore fest but a film that will test your mind. The film is the directorial feature debut for Nathaniel Martello-White who directed for television with Small Axe: Mangrove, Deceit, and I Hate Suzie.

Ashley Madekwe plays Neve a deputy head teacher to a local private school. Her life with her husband and children looks perfect. Things take a turn thanks to the arrival of two strangers, are these shadowy figures connected to Neve’s past?

It looks possibly these figures might be a figment of Neve’s imagination or could it take a Get Out/ US direction? So is this going to be something that steps into socio-political issues? This looks into the class divide and how peoples attitudes change when someone’s skin colour is different from the majority?

Deputy head of a private school Neve (Ashley Madekwe) lives with her husband Ian (Justin Salinger), and teenage children, Sebastian (Samuel Small) and Mary (Maria Almeida) in a nice house in an idyllic country town. But her carefully crafted upper-middle-class life begins to unravel with the arrival of two shadowy figures from her past, Abigail (BAFTA Award winner Bukky Bakray) and Marvin (Jorden Myrie).

The film stars Ashley Madekwe (County Lines, Revenge), Bukky Bakray (Rocks), Jorden Myrie (Stephen), Samuel Small (Bonus Track), Maria Almeida, Justin Salinger. The Strays will stream globally on Netflix from 22nd February.