March 25, 2023
Next Exit out in UK on Digital format from 20th February

The Afterlife is One Big Road Trip in Next Exit UK Trailer

Katie Parker, Rahul Kohli and Karen Gillan all star in this one


Don’t hate life, embrace what may come next is we should be doing. In the UK Trailer for indie Next Exit something discovers the afterlife exists.

Humanity’s faith and religion mould and shape our outlook of death and what maybe afterlife. Mali Elfman‘s film is a blackly comic modern ghost story about loss, love and self-discovery. Discovering the existence could that change your beliefs?

British actor Rahul Kohli stars along side Katie Parker. When news breaks about a scientist (Karen Gillan), able to track life after death, two souls travel to volunteer to ‘die’. Both harbouring dark secrets travelling to find absolution, even reunite with dead loved ones.

Death is a terrifying event we’ll all face in one point of our lives. The fear into the unknown, will you want to go there quicker, if you know something is waiting for us? It looks a sombre even a slightly haunting film , reminds us life is one big self discovery.

looks and interesting film that’s not scared to be slightly humorous in what is considered a heavy subject matter.

Our genre editor Bradley Hadcroft reviewed the film at last year’s FrightFest. He gave it 4 stars saying the film  “is one of those rare examples where shortcomings morph into welcome foibles and missteps transform into idiosyncratic streamlets of narrative warmth“.

Next Exit follows a research scientist who makes headlines proving she can track people after death, and her radical scientific study is looking for volunteers for a pain-free passing to the afterlife. Rose sees a way out and Teddy sees his chance to finally make it. When fate has the two strangers sharing a car rental, they set out on a lengthy road trip to the unknown. As these two misfits quarrel their way across the country, their friction gradually gives way to a deep connection that they’ve both needed.

Next Exit also stars Rose Mciver, Tongayi Chirisa, Tim Griffin, Diva Zappa, Nico Evers-Swindell. The film will be released on Digital Download from 20th February in the UK and Ireland.