March 20, 2023
Adopting Audrey out in UK 13th March 2023

Jenna Malone Wants Adopted In Adopting Audrey UK Trailer

Starring Former Donnie Darko star Jenna Malone


When it comes to adoption, it’s usually with children, what if it was with adults? In Adopting Audrey Jenna Malone wants adopted and Central City Media have released the UK Trailer.

It might sound ridiculous, this is inspired by a true story. The Hunger Games star is our titular character, Audrey. She’s bit of a drifter whose just lost her job and her boyfriend plus she’s estranged from her family. Thanks to visiting Youtube, her lust for companionship leads her to ‘adult adoption’.

We can go through with no idea what direction it’s going. This film picks that message up and film looks like Audrey trying to find herself. Looks a fun little indie and amazingly only the second film from M. Cahill whose last film was King Of California released in 2007 with Michael Douglas!

Fired from her seventh job in two years and estranged from her family, Audrey (Jena Malone) dwells in a distinctly modern solitude, relying on Youtube for companionship. One night, a video rabbit hole leads her to the world of adult adoption, and she is inspired to try it herself.

Audrey finds an adoptive family whose dysfunction mirrors her own and forms an unlikely bond with the misanthropic patriarch, Otto (Robert Hunger-Bühler), who is rough around the edges and has a few strained relationships of his own.

The film also stars Robert Hunger-Bühler, Brooke Bloom, Will Rogers, and Emily Kuroda. Adopting Audrey will be released in the UK and Ireland on all Digital Platforms from 13th March. However if you live near Glasgow, you can catch the film play at the city’s film festival. Premiering first on 2nd March then 3rd March, [full details here].