I Sit On Your Grave (1978)

Video Interview: Terry Zarchi (Growing U With I Spit On Your Grave)


Kaleidoscope Home Entertainment in September released I Spit On Your Grave Collection on 4K Blu-ray. The controversial 1978 cult horror directed by Meir Zarchi.

Terry Zarchi, son of original I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE director, Meir has made an informative, glorious insightful documentary on one of the most controversial films of all time, one time VIDEO NASTY; I Spit on your Grave (1978).

Our Australian writer Shane A.Bassett recently had a chat about the films. Terry also wrote and directed Growing U With I Spit On Your Grave, Shane chats to him about the film.

Please be aware momentarily audio cuts out from Terry’s headset / mic, but we get back on track on track, the conversation is wild and Terry is a fabulous person.

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I Spit on Your Grave, the infamous 1978 cult classic that changed the face of cinema forever, is back in stunning 4K Ultra HD, restored and fully remastered. Re-experience the phenomenon that shocked and divided the world as Jennifer Hills enacts her horrific plans for revenge, culminating in some of the most gruesome scenes ever captured on film.

GROWING UP WITH I SPIT ON YOUR GRAVE available as a bonus in the special edition physical media 4K I Spit on your Grave; available now | Buy your copy here