Film Review – Poker Face (2022)

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The nature of your tragedy during high stakes poker is usually determined by steely glare, intuition or pure luck, however, for the group of friends here, there’s more to the game.

Slow building thriller, eminently regarded Poker Face screenplay, was handed around in development limbo until Oscar winner Russell Crowe picked it up to direct, star and assist with additional writing.

Billionaire, Jake Foley (Crowe) summons his childhood mates to his isolated estate for a weekend to catch up and make a very important announcement.

The gathering begins rounding up the guys by Foley’s lawyer who is instated to take care of personal affairs, but upon arrival something is not right.

Card players from way back, Foley has organised a top dollar scenario with Penelope (Elsa Pataky) their own private dealer.

The depth of factors at play are explored, all the characters although friends, have transitioned into different lives from various backgrounds, a few holding secrets which are exploited during complexity of alcohol consumption.

Whilst the boys are mostly enjoying themselves in excess, a faction of amateur thieves break in to steal some priceless art collected by Foley.

A panic room style situation arises distancing themselves between the criminals, although inside information may be afoot unravelling into satisfying suspense.

I saw similarities to Ben Wade; Russell in, 3:10 to Yuma (2007) in his Foely role.

Down Under thespians Steve Bastoni, Daniel MacPherson, a jittery Liam Hemsworth and always solid Matt Nable activate realism.

The astute return of, Aden Young (Black Robe, 1991) is welcomed.

Jack Thompson, enigmatic Brooke Satchwell and young Molly Grace impress, as does American rapper extraordinaire, RZA.

Sadly, Russell’s Romper Stomper (1992) + Water Diviner (2014) co-star, Jacqueline McKenzie is relegated to a non-speaking-from-a-distance-cameo.

An alluring Australian crime, drama with Rusty all in..


Thriller, Crime | Australia, 2022 | 15 | 12th November 2022 (UK) | Sky Cinema | Dir.Russell Crowe | Russell Crowe, Liam Hemsworth, RZA, Aden Young, Molly Grace, Elsa Pataky, Brooke Satchwell, Jack Thompson

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