Mercy Cornwall and Jordi Webber in Mistletoe Ranch out on Digital in UK 2nd December

Film Review – Mistletoe Ranch (2022)


Christmas movies never get old.

The annual influx of charming yuletide seasonal stories successfully enlightens all ages from family sentiment, to musical comedy, to jolly good nightmares, each joyous season tosses up something contrasting.

Mistletoe Ranch, fits into the delightful family friendly category following radiant Aimee Tremblay (Mercy Cornwall) quite the successful photographer whom after a long absence returns to her hometown in order to reignite traditional Christmas town gathering.

To the surprise of many, Aimee stays determined to return back to the city life when festivities conclude.

Undeniable family memories circle Aimee, as does past romantic interludes with single dad cowboy, ex-fiancé James (Jordi Webber).

Chemistry between Mercy and Jordi shimmers, an embellishment highlight to proceedings around the snowy rural backdrop as holiday celebrations prepare.

Secretly relishing each other, they bicker and frolic on horses, at the dining table or around the farm. eventually back into each other’s arms.

Gifted performer Mercy, also an accomplished singer, has a musical moment to remember during a sublime seasonal song duet with Jordi.

Sentimental as it may be, the tune is perfect for gentle holiday viewing.

Kimberley Joseph and Holly Attard provide key co-star twists to purposely lightweight, although uplifting circumstances adding this film to the nice list.

Made in Queensland, Australia, by actively switched-on producer Steve Jaggi (Dive Club, Swimming for Gold) he holds superior finesse for casting and making internationally appealing films with creative directors.

Pleasurable Mistletoe Ranch, holds tight to these values with no exception.


Drama | USA, 2022 | U | 2nd December 2022 (2022) | Digital Download | Signature Entertainment | Dir. Rhiannon Bannenberg | Mercy Cornwall, Jordi Webber, Molly Belle Wright, Charles Allen, Kimberly Joseph

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