Everyone’s Looking For A Way Out In The Runner UK Trailer

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Everyone’s looking for a way out, that way out will come later this month when Michelle Danner‘s The Runner will be released in the UK. Reel 2 Reel Films have sent us the UK Trailer for the film of a talented young runner races headlong into trouble.

The tense, gripping coming of age indie thriller about a troubled and talented runner (Edouard Philipponnat). A young man going places who gets involved with drugs way over his head. He soon finds himself arrested and given two options – co-operate with the police or face 10 years behind bars.

After being busted for drug possession, a troubled teenager and talented runner, Aiden (Edouard Philipponnat – House of Gucci, What Happened to Monday), is given a choice by the police: cooperate or spend 10 years in prison.

Under duress, he makes the tough choice to work alongside a relentlessly ambitious and hard-boiled detective (Cameron Douglas – Loaded) and has no choice but to confront a local drug kingpin (Eric Balfour – The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, What Women Want).

Caught between two worlds – high school dramas and the home comforts of his despairing mother, Miranda (Elisabeth Rohm – Joy, American Hustle) and the sinister crime-ridden world he’s been plunged into, Aiden’s troubles begin to spiral further and further out of control…

Everyone’s looking for a way out in this captivating and tightly-paced potboiler – but what happens when you can’t outrun all you’ve done? Will Aiden finish his race on the right side of the law?

Gritty, honest, and undeniably human – The Runner is a tense and gripping thriller that’s impossible to walk away from.

The film also stars Eric Balfour, Elisabeth Rohm, and Cameron Douglas. The Runner will be released Digitally by Reel 2 Reel Films in the UK and Ireland from 21st November.