The Scary of sixty fir

Watch Provocative UK Trailer for The Scary of Sixty-First


Getting a new apartment or house in town or city can be near impossible. Getting a place in New York is another matter, in The Scary of Sixty-First it’s all downhill when you realise who was the former owner…Jeffrey Epstein!

Fractured Visions have sent us the UK Trailer for Dasha Nekrasova’s (succession) directorial feature debut. stylish, giallo-inspired tale of possession, New York story of gruesome frights, daring provocation and pitch-black humour.

In this one 2 women find an apartment in Manhattan Upper East side. Things look great for them until one them starts to act child like, only to learn their new home has a dark secret.

Addie and Noelle can’t believe their luck when they discover an affordable apartment on Manhattan’s famous Upper East Side.

As soon as they move in, Addie starts acting odd, sucking her thumb and speaking in a childlike fashion. With the help of a mysterious conspiracy theorist, they soon discover the apartment harbours a dark secret: the property was owned by disgraced millionaire Jeffrey Epstein and Addie is possessed by one of the sex offender’s victims.

Bold, daring and unlike anything that has come before it, Fractured Visions is proud to present Dasha Nekrasova’s darkly-comic horror, a film that is guaranteed to leave your jaw on the floor.


Collector’s Edition Special Content
– Collector’s Edition Slipcase with new artwork by Chris Crow & Sloth Visuals
– Collector’s Edition Booklet: Includes new essays by Caitlyn Downs, Zoé Rose Smith and Janine Pipe
– 6 Art Cards
– Limited to 2,000 units

Collector’s Edition Content
– Audio Commentary with Dasha Nekrasova and co-writer/actress Madeline Quinn
– Audio Commentary with film historians and authors Alexandra Heller-Nicholas and Josh Nelson
– Q&A with Dasha Nekrasova from Beyond Fest 2021
– “Metaphysical Repercussions” – an interview with co-writer/director/actress Dasha Nekrasova
– “Doing the Undoable and Saying the Unsayable” – an interview with actress Betsey Brown
– “Watching the (Armchair) Detectives” – an interview with producer/actor Mark H. Rapaport
– Trailer

Fractured Visions will release The Scary Of Sixty-First in the UK and Ireland on Blu-ray from 3rd October.