September 27, 2022
From Death Pursuit (2022)

In Death Pursuit UK Trailer Revenge Has No Bounds

Revenge has no bounds especially if you are Vinny Jones. Signature Entertainment have released the UK Trailer for indie action thriller Death Pursuit.

It’s crazy to believe a few of decades ago, this Cockney geezer was once a hard man’ of English football. Of course during his retirement day he’s become a fully fledged actor. Questions maybe asked when it comes to his recent film choices, these days got to go where the work is!

James Clayton directs and stars this Canadian indie. He plays a thief who pulls off when he thinks is a heist of a lifetime. However the ‘owner’ of the swag just happens to be an psychotic crime lord (Jones), forcing the thief and his lady to go on the run.

If you enjoy that generic crime thrillers that Van Damme, Lundgren and co made for years. You’ll like this one, other than that, this looks forgettable blink you miss film.

Death Pursuit is a full-throttle action thriller boasting jaw-dropping stunts and featuring action superstar Vinnie Jones. A Thief (James Clayton) who only looks out for number one, finally pulls off his long-gestating heist: the robbery of psychotic crime lord, Temple (Vinnie Jones). The plan goes off without a hitch until he discovers a stowaway in his getaway car – Temple’s wife, Mia along with Temple’s elite assassin, the deadly and mysterious man known simply as The Frenchman, hot on their heels. The Thief is torn between disappearing with the money or taking a risky detour to help Mia escape her husband’s abusive grasp. But with Temple, The Frenchman, and their deadly convoy of goons in pursuit, they quickly discover the only way to get out alive is to drive out. Death Pursuit was directed by James Clayton and written by Cooper Bibaud & Danny Mac.

Death Pursuit will be released Digital format on 13th September. The film also stars Lina Lecompte, Janvier Katabarwa, Philip Granger, and Gaston Morrison.

Death Pursuit UK Artwork