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Home Gets A Bad Name With Peacemaker UK Home Release Details


Peacemaker UK Blu-ray designHe gave peace a bad name earlier on Television, in a couple of weeks Peacemaker will do it at home.  Experience James Gunn’s Peacemaker when it arrives on Blu-ray™ and DVD  in September, and on Digital Download now.

The series is created by James Gunn, following the success of his 2021 film The Suicide Squad, with John Cena reprising his title role.  The anti-hero was one of the success from the The Suicide Squad. He may now have his own series, kills for the U.S Government and now has his own squad of misfits.

Joining Cena in the cast are Robert Patrick [Auggie Smith] , Steve Agee [as John Economos], Danielle Brooks [as Leota Adebayo],Jennifer Holland [as Agent Emilia Harcourt],Freddie Stroma [as Adrian Chase/Vigilante] and Chukwudi Iwuji [as Clemson Murn]. Lochlyn Munro [as Larry Fitzgibbon], Annie Chang [as Detective Sophie Song], Christopher Heyerdahl [as Captain Locke], Elizabeth Faith Ludlow [as Keeya], Rizwan Manji [as Jamil], Nhut Le [as Judomaster],Alison Araya [as Amber] and Lenny Jacobson [as Evan].

Picking up where 2021’s The Suicide Squad left off, this James Gunn-created series continues the saga of Peacemaker, a compellingly vainglorious superhero/supervillain who believes in peace at any cost – no matter how many people he has to kill along the way. After a miraculous recovery from his encounter with Bloodsport, Peacemaker soon discovers that his freedom comes at a cost when he’s requisitioned by Clemson Murn and joined by his handler, Emilia Harcourt, tech and tactics John Economos, and new recruit Leota Adebayo for an off-the-books mission, codename: Project Butterfly. But, ever the consummate professional, Peacemaker remains committed to saving the world – and all that other superhero stuff.

-Making the World Safe for Violence: Peacemaker’s Team
Bad Daddy Issues: Peacemakers Search for Inner Peace
-Peacemaker: Under the Helmet-A look at the digital VFX created for the Peacemaker’s first season.
Project Butterfly Team Member: Peacemaker-Intro and overview of the character Peacemaker
Project Butterfly Team Member: Adebayo-Intro and overview of the character Leota Adebayo
Project Butterfly Team Member: Harcourt-Intro and overview of the character Emilia Harcourt
Project Butterfly Team Member: John Economos-Intro and overview of the character John Economos
Project Butterfly Team Member: Vigilante-Intro and overview of the character Vigilante
Project Butterfly Team Member: Murn-Intro and overview of the character Clemson Murn
Project Butterfly Team Member: Eagly-A wonderful, obedient, lovable Golden Retriever… but an eagle.
On Set with Steve Agee-Cast member Steve Agee gives a tour of behind the scenes at Peacemaker
Dramatic Comic Book Readings with Chukwudi Owuji-A great actor can bring dramatic weight to any role and any line. That’s what we’ve heard, at any rate, so we asked Peacemaker’s Chukwudi Iwuji to offer his dramatic reading of some memorable (and occasionally ridiculous) DC comic book lines in this featurette.
-Gag Reel
Unlocking the Quantum Unfolding Storage Area-Peacemaker’s John Cena describes the powers of each Peacemaker helmet while inside the hidden Quantum Unfolding storage bunker.
DC FanDome 2021: Peacemaker
Peacemaker and Vigilante : BFFs-Maybe the real peace is the friends we made along the way. Director James Gunn, John Cena and Freddie Stroma talk about their experience together on set, and the relationship between Peacemaker and Vigilante, which is… complicated.
So What Do You Really Think of Peacemaker?-The characters of Peacemaker give their thoughts about the main hero’s personality.
Danielle Brooks Explains DC Universe-You shouldn’t judge a book by its cover…unless you’re Danielle Brooks, breakout star of HBO Max’s new hit DCTV series, Peacemaker. In this featurette, Brooks looks at some classic Silver Age DC covers and explains what she believes takes place within its pages.
Keep the Tweets-Peacemaker reads and responds to viewer Tweets
Dance for Peace-Opening Title Sequence Behind the Scenes
-How to Properly Give a F*ck-The cast of Peacemaker explains how to properly give a f*ck.

Peaemaker is available on Digital Download Now and On Blu-Ray and DVD from 5th September.