18 April 2024
Isabelle Fuhrman in Orphan: First Kill

Esther Has A Pencil In New Orphan: First Kill Clip

13 year wait for another Orphan film is nearly over. Before Orphan: First Kill is released, Signature Entertainment have sent us this tense new Clip.

As we know everyone has a backstory, even those psychotic ‘child’ killers  like Esther. Isabelle Fuhrman once again  is Leena Klammer, this time we have a prequel rather than a sequel. This film promises to showcase the chaos Esther brings to families everywhere.  But how can she convince she’s only 9 year old rather than 33?

The targeted family is a wealthy American family she is there 9 year old missing daughter. They fall for it apart from one cautious member who will be forced to do anything to protect their family.

Fuhrman is now in her mid- twenties, how convincing can she be Esther? That job might be down to tricks of the camera, CGI and make-up. All part of the illusion played brilliantly by Fuhrman. For now check out this new clip which we think is Esther plotting her escape from the Asylum. There is one person standing in her way, if she’s not convinced she’s ready to strike with a pencil…

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One of cinema’s most recognisable villains returns to the big screen in Orphan: First Kill. Esther’s (Isabelle Fuhrman, Orphan) secret may be out but this time around there’s more to this psychotic young girl than meets the eye. Escaping from the psychiatric facility that housed her, Esther hides in plain sight by assuming the identity of a missing American child whose mother (Julia Stiles, Dexter) is matriarch to one of the wealthiest families in the United States.

Will Esther’s thirst for blood destroy the strong family ties or will she discover that even a mother will cross the line to protect her family?

You can be part of Esther’s ‘family’ when Orphan: First Kill arrives in UK and Irish cinemas from 19th August. Esther’s family will also include Julia Stiles, Rossif Sutherland, Hiro Kanagawa, and  Matthew Finlan.

Orphan: First Kill UK Poster

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