19 April 2024
From Witch (2022)

Conjure And Watch Trailer For Horror Thriller Witch

Skylark Vision have sent us the official trailer for medieval based horror thriller Witch.

Directed by Craig Hinde and Marc Zammit, we find ourselves 1575 England. An era when women are accused of being witches and William’s wife Twyla is accused. William must try and find the true witch who is guilty, but events could lead to failure.

One thing I like about these films is the atmosphere. Certainly gothic, visually dark and do get a sense of dread as well as tension. Playing on the paranoia that came with the fear of the unknown, could it take a more realist approach? Or will go with something a little more supernatural and mythical?

Medieval, Fantasy, Thriller, Horror.

Set in Dawnbrook, England in 1575, William must prove the innocence of his wife Twyla, who stands accused of being a witch. William must hunt down the real witch if Twyla is to be spared, but unearthly events make them both look doomed.

The cast for this one includes Fabrizio Santino, Sarah Alexandra Marks, Russell Shaw, Ryan Spong, Daniel Jordan, Mims Burton, Jane Hamlet, Anto Sharp, Ritchi Edwards, Nick Tuck, Nell Bailey, Danny Howard, Ella Starbuck, and Livvy Nicolae.

Skylark Vision haven’t mentioned format or release date for Witch.

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